About Us

We are the leader of the security and protection services.

Our Vision

Global protection of goods and people with the use of advanced technology and excellent professionalism.

Our Mission

Developing innovative technologies and solutions for the protection of companies and people.

Our Goals

We have reached a level of production of global security systems able to meet the needs of the security market in the areas of housing protection, industrial and government protection, company fleet management, organization of large events protection, penetration testing and IT security.

Hey! just relax we are here to protect you!

Karel Tecnologie has been operating in the security sector for over 10 years and is the result of the synergy of a group of technicians and engineers with twenty years of experience in the government and industrial safety sectors.

The structure responds to the growing request for greater safety by satisfying the most demanding customers with qualified professionals who, thanks to the radical capillarity throughout the Sardinian territory, guarantees cutting-edge technology and prompt intervention.

The company specializes in:

· Production of equipment for civil and government radio localization (GSM / GPS);

· Installation of digital video surveillance and anti-intrusion systems;

· Technical / IT consulting in the forensic field;

· Data recovery on computer media and analysis of mobile phones;

· Civil and industrial electrical installations;

· Remote technical management of systems.

All the staff is qualified and has a long-term know-how in specific sectors of applied electronics, M2M programming (software for satellite localization, domotics, remote monitoring, etc.), building of security systems, access and presence control, industrial automation , home automation and staff preparation for the use of systems. In fact, Karel Tecnologie organizes training courses for the management and control of power plants and operating sites that we install (Supervisory Institutes, Airports, Shopping Centers). The security management of Airports (supply of Video surveillance systems, Biometric control systems, video analysis for anti-terrorism and anti-intrusion devices) are the main activities of our company.


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